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The 3B Medical Stratus 5 Oxygen Concentrator is intended to provide supplemental oxygen to persons requiring oxygen therapy. The Stratus 5 Home oxygen concentrator produces concentrated oxygen from room air for delivery to a patient requiring low flow oxygen therapy. The oxygen from the air is concentrated using a molecular sieve and a pressure swing adsorption process.


This home oxygen concentrator is carefully designed with performance and reliability in mind including unique features such as an innovative cooling system to protect the sieve beds and an oxygen monitor. Also, the Concentrator machine has low maintenance, ultra-quiet operation, and higher outlet pressure because it ensures proper delivery makes this unit ideal for use in a home, institution, vehicle, and other various mobile environments.



  • Slimline design for a less obtrusive profile
  • 360 ̊ swivel wheels to effortlessly roll over all types of flooring, including carpet
  • Quiet sieve bed exchange
  • Designed for high reliability



Model:  Stratus 5
Item No.:  STR1005
Operation voltage (V/Hz):  AC 120V/60Hz
Oxygen flow (L/mln):  1 LPM – 5 LPM
Oxygen concentration (%)  93%+3%-2%
Outlet pressure (Psi)  5 – 10
Alarm:  Power failure, low & high pressure, temperature, low purity.
Sound level (dB(A)):  < 40
LCD Display Accumulating timing:  (range:0-99999hours)
LCD Display Switch times:  pressure digital (accuracy:0.001MPa)
Purity Sensor:  Digital
Electrical category:  Class II Type B
Net Weight (Lbs)  15.5
Dimensions:  15.3  x 9  x 23.6

Stratus 5