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- Easy touch screen operation
- Both continuous and Pulse dose operation
- Can be used for daytime or night time use.
- FAA Approved for Air travel
- Comes with Carrying case, rolling cart and batteriesl
- Up to 3 LPM Continuous / 5 LPM Pulse


Combines the power of a home oxygen concentrator with the convenience of a portable unit.


  • Concentrator
  • 2 Batteries
  • Pull Handle and Wheels
  • AC Power Supply
  • DC Power Supply
  • Accessory Bag
  • Inlet Filter
  • User Manual

Oxylife Pulse & Continuous Portable Travel Oxygen

Excluding Sales Tax
  • The OxLife Independence combines the power of a home oxygen concentrator with the convenience of a portable unit. For home users, the Independence provides continuous flow oxygen up to 3 LPM 24-hours-a-day 7-days-a-week. For users on the go, OxLife offers extended battery life and Pulse Dose Oxygen delivery at settings up to 6 (96 mL). At home or away the OxLife Independence concentrator delivers convenient, portable oxygen without ever needing to wait for deliveries or rush home for refills!

    Designed and manufactured in the United States, the OxLife's durable metal frame and magnesium case offer exceptional strength and durability for independent, active lifestyles. Integrated 6-inch wheels and a sturdy, folding metal handle provide extreme agility and easy portability without the hassle of bags and bulky carts.

    The OxLife Independence comes complete with AC and DC power cords and rechargeable batteries. All settings, both Continuous and Pulse Dose, can be used regardless of the power source in operation. The Universal AC Power Supply with built-in voltage converter allows you to plug it into a wall power in most countries around the world. The DC Power Cord can be used for plugging into the cigarette outlet found in most cars and other vehicles. OxLife's two integrated, removable, rechargeable lithium ion battery packs provide extended power for use when you're out on a walk, on a plane, or any time you're away from a fixed power source.

    With two batteries installed the OxLife will last up to 6 hours away from fixed power sources. If a battery runs low you can swap batteries, while the concentrator is running, to extend time away from a fixed power source without ever missing a breath of oxygen. If installed, OxLife's batteries will recharge, and take over automatically whenever AC or DC power is removed.

    Product Specifications

    • Dimensions: Height: 20.2”, Width: 10.9”, Depth: 8”
    • Device Weight: 16.7 lbs
    • BatteryWeight: 1.35 lbs/each
    • Pulse Settings: 0.5-6 in 0.5 increments (8mL-96mL)
    • Continuous Mode Settings: 0.5-3 LPM in 0.5 LPM increments
    • Battery Duration: 5.75 hours @ 2 Pulse
    • Sound Level @ 2 Pulse: 40 dBA
    • Recharge Time: 1.5 hours - 1 battery, 2.5 hours - 2 batteries
    • Purity: 87%-95.6% at Sea Level at all settings
    • Pressure: 5psig +/- 1 psig (34 +/- 7 kPa)
    • AC Power Universal Input: 100-240 VAC • 50-60 Hz, 2 Amps
    • Output
    • 24 Volts, 6.3 Amps
    • DC Power 12 -15 VDC, 10 Amps
    • Operating Temperature: 50°F (10°C) to 104°F (40°C)
    • Altitude Operating Range: 0 - 13,123 Feet (0 - 4,000 Meters)
    • Transportation/Storage Temperature: -4°F (-20°C) to 140°F (60°C)
    • Transportation/Storage Humidity: 0-95% Non-Condensing
    • Lifetime Warranty on POC, 1 Year on Accessories/Battery
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