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The OMRON Silver Wireless Bluetooth® Upper Arm home blood pressure monitor will measure, store and let you review 80 readings for one user, and includes a pre-formed Comfit cuff (fits arms 9" to 17" in circumference).


The Silver Upper Arm monitor stores up to 80 readings for one user, but when used with the free OMRON Connect app, it can support unlimited users and stores unlimited blood pressure readings. Conveniently view your trend graphs and charts, and share as needed with your family, caregivers, or healthcare professionals. The OMRON Connect app works with iOS and Android devices (visit for a list of compatible devices). It also works with Amazon Alexa-enabled devices using the OMRON Health skill. 

This monitor features another OMRON exclusive: an enhanced Irregular Heartbeat Symbol that not only alerts you if an irregular heartbeat was detected during your measurement, but also displays the number of irregular heartbeats detected (up to three) during your measurement. Ideally, you will want to track the average of three consecutive blood pressure readings every time you check your blood pressure and share these averages with your healthcare professional. The OMRON Advanced Averaging feature automatically displays the average of up to the last three readings taken within the last 10 minutes. 

Included with this monitor is our easy-wrap ComFit cuff. This pre-formed cuff allows for easy placement on your arm. The cuff inflates 360° around the entire circumference of your arm to help reduce measurement errors and ensure inflation over your brachial artery. Whether you have a standard size arm or a large size arm, the OMRON easy-wrap ComFit cuff comfortably fits adult arms ranging from 9” to 17” in circumference. 

The OMRON Silver upper arm blood pressure monitor has been clinically validated for use in patients with type II diabetes. 

Omron Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor

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