Ultrasorbs AP premium disposable drypads feature an air-permeable, moisture-proof backsheet for exceptional dryness and comfort. The SuperCore layer wicks moisture away from the skin and locks fluid away.



  • Draw in moisture, lock it away from skin and feel dry to the touch within minutes.
  • Can manage multiple voids without leaking,13 minimizing laundry costs.
  • Don't separate, bunch up or adhere to skin when wet, helping reduce friction and shear.
  • Offer a soft and lowprofile, helping reduce pressure buildup beneath patients body.
  • Are air permeable for enhanced skin dryness and comfort Are effective for use with low air-loss mattresses.
  • Help improve staff efficiency and reduce laundry costs.
  • Help enhance patient comfort and preserve patient dignity.

Medline Ultrasorbs AP Premium Disposable Drypads (ULTRASORB2436)



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