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Surgical Latex

Made in US
** If the cover is too long simply bunch up the extra material and pump out all the air. The extra latex will shrink down and conform to the shape of the user's leg removing all extra length. **
It is extremely important that you measure the circumference of the arm around the skin just above the cast in order to get the right size
WARNING - Do not use if unable to create a snug vacuum seal.
Vacuum seal will not work unless the opening of the cover fits tight around the skin above the cast.

DryPro Waterproof Full Arm Cast Cover, All Sizes

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Arm Cast Cover

    Model #

    Arm Circumference


    X-Small Full Arm


    6 - 6.75 inches

    16 inches

    Small Full Arm


    6.75 - 8.75 inches

    23 inches

    Medium Full Arm


    8.75 - 10 inches

    28 inches

    Large Full Arm


    10 inches & up

    31.5 inches

    Small Half Arm


    7.75 - 10 inches

    17.5 inches

    Large Half Arm


    10 inches & up

    20 inches

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