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Intelligent and refined the DreamStation CPAP offers fixed pressure sleep therapy in a compact, user friendly package.

DreamStation's premium features -- like a full color LCD screen, ambient light sensors, automatic altitude adjustment, SmartRamp, and C-Flex pressure relief -- are a welcome change from the basic features provided by most low cost CPAP machines.
Sleek, Modern Design with Full Color Display
Intuitive Graphics Based User Interface & Ambient Light Sensors
Fixed Pressure CPAP Therapy with Premium Features
Ramp & SmartRamp Make Falling Asleep Easy
Optional Integrated Humidifier with Heated Tubing
C-Flex Pressure Relief for Comfort
Enhanced Compliance with Bluetooth & the DreamMapper App
FAA Approved & Travel Friendly

Sleek, Modern Design with Full Color Display: DreamStation's simple shape and full color display are a welcome change for sleep therapy patients used to bulkier, heavier, uglier device options.

DreamStation CPAP Machine System with C-Flex

Excluding Sales Tax
  • REMstar SE features patented Flex pressure relief technology to help you get the most comfortable breathing, even at higher pressure requirements. PAP therapy becomes much more natural with Flex technology. It actually “senses” when the patient is about to exhale and then reduces automatically the pressure to help the patient breathe in a natural way.

    With REMstar SE patients become quickly compliant with the therapy, because breathing is performed in an extremely natural manner. The greatest majority of patients using traditional CPAP devices complain about difficulties in exhaling against a high pressure coming from the device. With REMstar this problem is eliminated- the device lowers pressure for the exhale process to happen comfortably and then automatically switches to the prescribed CPAP pressure.

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