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The Secure® Bed Exit Alarm Set protects bedridden fall-risk patients and loved ones by alerting caregivers when an attempt is made to exit the bed - SUA-1Y alarm monitor will sound when pressure is removed from pad, and will automatically reset when patient returns to the sensor pad, or alarm may be silenced via the tamper-resistant 3-push reset feature

12" x 30" ultra-thin bed sensor pad features antimicrobial, incontinent-proof, latex-free, non-skin sensitive cover material - Sensor pad is comfortable and durable for continuous use, and can be folded without damage for storage - Sensor pad features durable metal connecting pin that will not break like the easily breakable plastic connectors found on all other sensor pads
Set includes everything needed for immediate use: SUA-1Y Alarm Monitor w/1-year warranty, 12" x 30" Bed Sensor Pad w/14-day warranty, AMH-1Y Alarm Holder w/Velcro strap, and 2X AAA Batteries
Alarm monitor works with Secure® bed sensor pad, chair sensor pad, alarming

Bed Exit Alarm Fall Prevention Pressure Sensitive

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