Patient lifts for home use prevent falls, enhance mobility in patients who can’t walk, and help individuals stand from a sitting or lying position. Look for the perfect solution to meet your mobility needs at Red Oak Medical Supply.

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Say goodbye to the strain and risk of manual lifting. Our patient lifts offer a safe and efficient way to transfer individuals from one room or area to another. 

Whether you're caring for an elderly relative or someone with limited mobility, our lifts provide the support you need to ensure their comfort and well-being at home.

Explore our range of patient lifts for home use today and discover the freedom and independence they can bring. Place your order on our website and experience the difference firsthand.

Basic Types of Patient Lifts

Choosing the right lift makes transfers safer and more comfortable for people with mobility issues. Here are the basic types of patient lifts available at Red Oak Medical Supply:

  • Manual Lifts: Manual lifts are suitable for home use. They are operated by a hydraulic pump system, making them a cost-effective solution for safe patient transfers.
  • Electric Lifts: Electric lifts, also known as powered lifts, use a motor to assist with transfers. These lifts are ideal for home settings.
  • Portable Lifts:  Portable lifts like the Bestcare Foldable/Portable Patient Lift are designed for easy transport and storage.
  • Sit-to-Stand Lifts: Sit-to-stand lifts help people move from sitting to standing. These lifts are useful for patients with leg strength and can support some of their weight during transfers.


Frequently Asked Questions

What parts do patient lifts usually have?

Patient lifts usually have a base, a mast, a lifting arm, and a sling. The base provides stability, while the mast supports the lifting arm. The arm lifts, and the sling holds the patient securely.

Can patient lifts be used in small areas?

Patient lifts, such as compact or portable models, are designed specifically for small spaces. These lifts offer maneuverability and flexibility to accommodate tight spaces, making them suitable for home environments with limited space.

Do patient lifts for home use require maintenance?

Patient lifts typically require minimal maintenance. To ensure the lift remains in good working condition, frequent inspections for wear and tear, proper cleaning, and occasional lubrication of moving parts are recommended. Refer to the manufacturer's guidelines for specific maintenance requirements.

Can one person operate patient lifts?

Some patient lifts need help from a caregiver, but others let the person being lifted use them alone. These lifts offer independence and ease of use for individuals. Stand-up lifts, for example, are designed to assist individuals in transitioning from sitting to standing with minimal assistance.

What do you use a patient lift for?

You use a patient lift to move someone who can't walk or stand alone. It helps transfer them safely from one place to another, like from a bed to a wheelchair.