Red Oak Medical Supply has an extensive selection of incontinence supplies, such as briefs with tabs, protective underwear, reusable underpads, and more. 

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Incontinence Supplies for Men and Women

Men and women can suffer from incontinence, which can cause discomfort and awkward situations. And wet beds? Not on our watch; it's a thing of the past! 

Red Oak Medical Supply's urinary incontinence supplies can reliably lock in fluids to prevent leaks, making you feel confident wherever and whenever.

Selecting The Right Urinary Incontinence Supplies

Our incontinence products & supplies provide security against urine leaks from day to night!

Here are some of the things you have to consider before purchasing your incontinence protection:

Fit: Proper fit is crucial for preventing leaks. A good fit means the product conforms well to your body shape without being too tight or loose.

Absorbency: Consider how much urine you typically leak and choose the absorbency level accordingly. 

Dryness: Opt for products that keep you feeling dry by quickly absorbing urine away from the skin. This helps prevent skin irritation and discomfort associated with prolonged exposure to moisture.

Odor guard: Some incontinence products feature odor-blocking technology, which helps neutralize odors caused by urine. Using smell-eliminating products like Medi-aire Bio Odor Eli Lemon can also eliminate undesirable odors.

Style: Decide between briefs with tape tabs and pull-on underwear based on your preferences and lifestyle. 

Briefs With Tape Tabs VS. Pull-On Underwear

Briefs with tape tabs like Attends Tabs Overnight offer adjustability and are suitable for individuals with limited mobility who may need assistance with changing. 

Protective underwear, also known as pull-on, like Attends Premier Pull-Up, is discreet and easy to pull on and off. It makes it ideal for active individuals who prefer a more underwear-like design.

Are you still unsure which incontinence product is right for you? Call us at (281) 586 9509 for assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What causes urinary incontinence?

Various factors, such as weak bladder muscles or nerve damage, can cause incontinence. 

Weak bladder muscles may result from childbirth, surgery, or aging, leading to difficulties in controlling the bladder. Nerve damage, often associated with illnesses like diabetes or multiple sclerosis, can disrupt the signals between the bladder and the brain, causing involuntary urine leakage. 

Other causes may include hormonal changes, urinary tract infections, medications, or lifestyle factors such as obesity or smoking. Identifying the underlying cause of incontinence is essential. It helps determine the most effective treatment and management strategies.

What are the different types of incontinence?

The different types of incontinence are the following:

Stress incontinence occurs when physical activities like coughing, sneezing, or exercising pressure the bladder, causing leaks.

Urge incontinence is also called overactive bladder. It results in a sudden and extreme urge to pee, leading to involuntary leakage before reaching the toilet.

Overflow incontinence happens when the bladder fails to empty fully, resulting in urine overflow and leakage. Blockages or weak bladder muscles can cause it.

What are the top wearable incontinence products?

The best wearable products for incontinence include absorbent briefs, protective underwear, and pads. These products absorb urine, maintain dry skin, and protect against leaks and discomfort.

Absorbent briefs, or adult diapers, are often used for moderate to heavy incontinence and feature tape tabs for a secure fit. 

Protective underwear is a pull-on product similar to regular underwear that offers discreet protection for mild to moderate leaks. 

Various sizes and absorbency levels of pads can offer light to moderate protection when worn with regular underwear.

Should I get incontinence pads specific to gender, like for women or men?

You don't necessarily need to buy gender-specific incontinence pads. Many products are designed to be unisex and work effectively for both men and women.

What should I get to keep my loved one with incontinence comfy and dry?

For cleanup, you'll need absorbent products like briefs or pads, skin protectants like barrier creams, and disposable wipes. 

Absorbent products help contain urine leaks and keep the skin dry to prevent irritation and discomfort. Barrier creams make a protective layer on the skin. They decrease the risk of skin breakdown and rashes caused by prolonged exposure to moisture. 

Disposable wipes are handy for quick and hygienic cleanup after changing absorbent products, helping to maintain cleanliness and freshness.